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Contracting abroad: Why professional advice is a must

2019-08-20T09:58:11+01:00By |

If you’re offered the opportunity to contract abroad, it may be tempting to grab your passport and rush off to the airport. Not many people would blame you for doing this, as depending on the country you’re contracting in, you could have year-long sun, a chance to learn another language and expose yourself to new [...]

Overseas contracting: top things to remember when contracting abroad

2019-02-12T10:46:06+00:00By |

If you’ve had enough of the British weather and pine for warmer weather, or, if you’re keen to try out working in a different country, then contracting overseas could be a great option. Plus, it’s never been easier to work overseas – a laptop and a phone are all you may physically need. But, before [...]

Contracting abroad – what to consider

2018-06-12T11:39:24+01:00By |

If you are a contractor whose skills are in high-demand, you may at some point in your contracting career find yourself with an offer to work abroad. Not only could this be fantastic for your career, it also offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture and expand your professional network. Before, [...]