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Freelancing from a coworking space – could it work for you?

2019-08-27T10:34:20+01:00By |

The world of work is changing, and more and more people are choosing to become self-employed freelancers and contractors. IPSE (Association of Independent Professionals and Self-Employed) states that the number of self-employed in the UK now equates to 4.8 million, with 42% (approximately 2 million) working as freelancers. In 2016, freelancers contributed a staggering £119 [...]

Contracting abroad: Why professional advice is a must

2019-08-20T09:58:11+01:00By |

If you’re offered the opportunity to contract abroad, it may be tempting to grab your passport and rush off to the airport. Not many people would blame you for doing this, as depending on the country you’re contracting in, you could have year-long sun, a chance to learn another language and expose yourself to new [...]

Surviving your first year as a contractor

2019-08-13T10:40:26+01:00By |

Right now, is a fantastic time to become a contractor, particularly if you work in the IT and tech sector. Contractors with specialist skills in data science, cybersecurity, frontend developers and change managers are especially in high demand. And, our research shows that contractors in the IT sector are amongst some of the highest paid [...]

Top tips for dealing with stress an IT contractor

2019-08-06T11:02:14+01:00By |

The IT sector can be a highly pressured environment, with clients demanding you get systems or projects up and running within the shortest time possible. This can lead you to working long hours to meet these tight deadlines. While you may be able to sustain this for a short time, in the long term it [...]

Protect yourself from HMRC scammers

2018-07-17T11:10:06+01:00By |

Cybercriminals are using increasingly sophisticated methods to scam people into handing over their personal and bank details. According to the Citizens Advice Bureau around four million people are scammed each year in the UK. The scary thing is, this number is on the rise. From text messages to phishing emails here is what you need [...]