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Top things to consider when choosing a contractor accountant

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If you’ve chosen to become a contractor, firstly, congratulations as you’re joining a growing club of skilled specialists. If you’re on the fence and aren’t 100% sure if contracting is right for you, download our free guide to contracting and see what it involves. Contracting opens up opportunities for you to work on different projects [...]

Important IR35 update: be prepared for April 2020

2019-10-21T10:58:28+01:00By |

You will no doubt be aware of the proposed changes to IR35 (often referred to as the ‘off-payroll rules’) set to come into force from April 2020. Our aim here is to ensure you are aware of the support that we can offer and also the steps that you can take in order to ensure [...]

IR35 in the private sector: draft legislation announced

2019-07-18T15:25:23+01:00By |

Contractors’ questions on the new ‘off payroll’ working reforms are beginning to be answered, as the government announces draft legislation for the Finance Bill 2019-2020.  IR35 in the private sector, as it is commonly referred to, is due to take effect from 6th April 2020. It is important to note that this is not entirely [...]

Is my private limited company IR35 compliant?  

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Working as a contractor is an exciting career path, but it also involves understanding a plethora of tax regulations. One of the most complex areas of tax for contractors is the Intermediaries Legislation, otherwise known as IR35. Significant changes have been made to the Intermediaries Legislations over the last few years. It was announced that [...]

Private sector IR35 reform – what it means for contractors

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When the reform to the Intermediaries Legislation (also referred to as IR35) was introduced to the public sector in April 2017, many in the industry speculated it wouldn’t be long until it was extended to the private sector. Well, they were right. In his last Budget speech before Brexit, Chancellor, Philip Hammond announced that plans [...]