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Top tips for getting a mortgage when self-employed

2019-10-10T18:06:20+01:00By |

According to HomeLet’s Rental Index, the average rent in the UK is £941 per calendar month. Many people see this as ‘dead money’ - going straight into the landlord’s pocket, with little benefit for them. If you’re one of the thousands of people who decide to purchase their own home each month, as an independent [...]

5 ways to increase your take-home pay 

2019-10-07T14:17:40+01:00By |

One reason why people choose to become contractors is that they can have the ability to earn more than they did as an employee. This is because they can charge higher rates and if they think about how they structure their work (e.g. working through a limited company versus working through an umbrella company) they [...]

Can I reclaim expenses from before I formed my limited company?

2019-03-12T09:25:01+00:00By |

If you spent money on setting up your business before you incorporated it, you may be able to claim for some or all of these pre-trading expenses, as long as they are legitimate business expenses. This article looks at what is involved in claiming pre-trading costs.   The expenses must be legitimate We’ve talked extensively [...]