Bookkeeping tips for contractors

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Bookkeeping is the cornerstone of accounting. Get it wrong and not only could you be in trouble with HMRC, but you could misjudge the financial position of your limited company. In this article, we discuss the integral role that bookkeeping plays in a business and we lay out our top contractor bookkeeping tips. Pay attention [...]

Protect yourself from HMRC scammers

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Cybercriminals are using increasingly sophisticated methods to scam people into handing over their personal and bank details. According to the Citizens Advice Bureau around four million people are scammed each year in the UK. The scary thing is, this number is on the rise. From text messages to phishing emails here is what you need [...]

What to consider when choosing a business bank account

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When forming a limited company, we strongly advise you to open a bank account that will be solely used for the business. Whilst, this isn’t a legal requirement, it will make managing the company’s money that much easier. It is worth taking the time to choose a bank that you feel you can use for [...]

5 surprising expenses that you can claim for

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The life of a contractor is very different to that of an ‘employee’. One of the biggest differences is the structure of work. There will be periods where you are working flat out and there may be times when things are quiet. It’s important that you keep a tight grip on your finances and one [...]

Productivity apps for contractors

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It seems like the term ‘productivity’ is the buzzword of the moment. Everyone wants to be more productive with their time. This led us to ask, what is productivity and why is it so important? The technical definition of productivity is “the rate of output per unit of input by a worker.” In layman’s terms, [...]