IR35 in the private sector: draft legislation announced

2019-07-18T15:25:23+01:00By |

Contractors’ questions on the new ‘off payroll’ working reforms are beginning to be answered, as the government announces draft legislation for the Finance Bill 2019-2020.  IR35 in the private sector, as it is commonly referred to, is due to take effect from 6th April 2020. It is important to note that this is not entirely [...]

5 ways to increase your take-home pay 

2019-07-02T12:18:41+01:00By |

One reason why people choose to become contractors is that they can have the ability to earn more than they did as an employee. This is because they can charge higher rates and if they think about how they structure their work (e.g. working through a limited company versus working through an umbrella company) they [...]

What are dividends and when can they be paid?

2019-06-04T10:33:03+01:00By |

If you’re an independent contractor who is working through your own limited company, as well as being a director, you will also likely be a shareholder. This means you are entitled to receive dividend payments on any retained profits that are held within the company. In this article, we explain in further detail what dividend [...]

Things to consider when making children shareholders

2019-05-29T09:58:48+01:00By |

If you run a limited company and have children, you can give them a stake in the business and provide them with the opportunity to benefit from any profit the business makes by making them shareholders. If your children are of an age where they can attend university, giving them shares can provide them with [...]

The £85,000 FSCS protection and how it applies to your ltd company bank account

2019-05-16T15:40:21+01:00By |

With the collapse of Northern Rock, Bradford & Bingley, Icelandic banks and others now over 10 years ago, savers should still be thinking “Is my money safe?” As your business grows, it is likely the cash you hold in the company bank account will grow too. Any cash deposited with a bank or building society [...]