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Top tips for dealing with stress an IT contractor

2019-08-06T11:02:14+01:00By |

The IT sector can be a highly pressured environment, with clients demanding you get systems or projects up and running within the shortest time possible. This can lead you to working long hours to meet these tight deadlines. While you may be able to sustain this for a short time, in the long term it [...]

Harnessing the power of client testimonials

2019-07-30T08:55:05+01:00By |

As well as having a killer CV and dazzling references another way to get work as a contractor is having client testimonials on your website or social profiles.    A client testimonial is a mini case study which is provided by someone you’ve worked with and it discusses the benefits of your services. If you’ve [...]

5 ways to increase your take-home pay 

2019-10-07T14:17:40+01:00By |

One reason why people choose to become contractors is that they can have the ability to earn more than they did as an employee. This is because they can charge higher rates and if they think about how they structure their work (e.g. working through a limited company versus working through an umbrella company) they [...]

Upskilling and CPD for contractors

2019-06-25T12:01:21+01:00By |

As an independent contractor the majority of your time is spent on client work (as this is what pays the bills!) but as more people choose to become contractors (figures for 2018 show that there around 1.77 million people are working as contractors), it’s important that you keep your skills current while also planning where [...]

Top-paying sectors and roles for contractors in 2019

2019-10-07T14:06:06+01:00By |

Contracting may not be for everyone but for those who are willing to fully embrace it, they can find themselves having greater control over the type of projects they work on, being able to choose which companies they work with and where, and ultimately if they structure the way they work correctly they could take [...]